Controlling Your Portions

Few people like to feel hungry at any time, so they tend to eat much or all of what is on their plate. This is a habit learned in early childhood, so it can make eating less difficult for an adult. For those who find controlling portions is difficult, there is a way to alleviate the difficulty without gaining weight. They can use it to eat healthy, but they will also feel full when the meal is done. Rather than being concerned with weight gain, they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle change with little effort.

Vegetables are often served as side dishes only, and many people discount them as just a necessary evil. They see them as nothing more than fillers, but they can be tasty when prepared properly. For those who want to eat their fill, they can be a calorie and health conscious way to eat without dietary concerns. It only takes a little experimenting to find just the right spices and cooking methods to turn vegetables from a chore into a delight at the dining room table.

Many times people boil their vegetables, and some of them have never added spices. For those who love to experience new taste sensations, vegetables are a key area for them to explore. They can look for new recipes and spices to add, and they can vary their cooking methods. Sautéed vegetables might not be quite as healthy as those steamed, but the added flavor component might make them much healthier than eating deep fried foods. Little changes like this will make a diet much more sustainable over the long run, and they will help to keep the calories down.

Controlling portions is often about limiting calories, but few people are eager to eat less than they want. For those who know they need to do it, adding more vegetables might be their best option. They can count on lower calories counts, and they can eat more food. It only takes a little bit of experimenting to find the right spice and cooking combinations to eat healthy portions while feeling full.