Healthy Cooking Habits

The potato has long been maligned as an unhealthy food, but it is generally due to the method of cooking that makes it that way. Most people find they love fried foods, but it can lead them down the path to bad nutrition. Learning how to make good choices when creating a menu or choosing foods at the store will be useless if healthy cooking habits are not part of daily life. There is nothing wrong with eating fried foods every once in a while, a steady diet of them can be troublesome.

A diet of only raw vegetables might be appealing to some, but many people prefer their food to be cooking. They would rather have something warm and tasty with spices and herbs added than sit at the table and crunching. Being able to cook food to keep it healthy can take several different paths, and each one of them can turn a boring vegetable into a tasty treat.

Roasting is one of the better ways to cook vegetables when adding flavor, and it can make food preparation easier for the cook. Cutting up potatoes or other tubers, tossing them with a little olive oil and spices and popping them into the oven can be a quick and easy way to get dinner started. Roasting will cook the vegetables, and the small amount of oil will add few calories to the dish. One of the benefits of cooking this way is the additional flavor components the herbs and spices can add to the meal.

Some meals need to be created quickly, but it can be difficult for those trying to avoid fried foods. Rather than putting a pan of oil on the stove, they should consider quickly frying something with just a little oil. It can make their raw vegetables hot and tasty, but the fast cooking time ensures the food does not soak up a great deal of empty calories from the oil for a healthier meal.