Learn to Say No

Losing weight can be a struggle for almost anyone, and it does not help when there are empty calories available. Leaving them at the store can keep the house free, but there are always events at work or social gatherings where danger lurks. It has gotten easier as more and more people are watching their weight, but there are always those who push foods that are not on anyone’s diet at those trying their best to control their eating. Learning to say no can be difficult, but being firm will help keep those calories from becoming a permanent body part.

Practice is always a good way to accomplish a task, so it could result in a victory if a person practices refusing foods they do not want or need before an upcoming social event. They need not cite the fact they are on a diet to be able to say no, and it might even be helpful to leave that out of the conversation. Being polite is important, but remaining firm on the issue is what they really must do to accomplish their goal.

When a person continually tries to get them to eat something, they might first refuse outright in a polite manner. This can be the first line of defense, but it is not always successful. They might then be pushed to take just a small portion, and refusal could cause a scene. Accepting the food item might be for the best, and they can always leave it on their plate. Being served something does not require anyone to actually partake of the item.

Social gatherings are about being with other people, so avoiding foods not on a person’s diet plan should be possible. For those who feel they will be surrounded by unhealthy choices, eating a small meal before attending could help them stick with their dietary plans.